The Good Ms Padgett sings wise and wild and wonderfully absurd songs for children and babies and their grownups.  “Think of her as the Pied Piper, but with a guitar.  That’s how much kids love Brooklyn’s Anna Padgett… Your little one will fall under the singer’s folksy/funky spell.” (The New York Post)

The Good Ms Padgett's self-titled first release (2009) chronicles life with a young child in 18 songs that seamlessly incorporate both a parent’s and child’s experience.  There are songs of advice for diaper-wearers, commiseration for the sleepless nights of teething, and celebration of the wonder of having a nose.  A second full-length, The Good Ms. Padgett Sings The Little Red Hen and Other Stories (2012), presents four classic stories in musical interpretations that are original and wry. 

The Good Ms. Padgett's third release, If We Must We Must (2014) explores subjects both psychedelic and mundane.  Lollipops, monsters, singing rabbits, and bedtime are addressed in lovely lullabies and raucous rock jams.  An infectious collection of uninhibited songs that effortlessly traverse the diverse terrain of childhood, If We Must We Must  is co-produced by Anna and Daniel Littleton of Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower; it also features performances by Daniel Littleton and other members of You Are My Flower, as well as by the godmother of the universe, Tara Jane O'Neil

The Good Ms Padgett accomplishes all this with the help of her family: partner Miggy Littleton and seven-year-old daughter Penelope Littleton, as well as many special guests.